Remote Health
Monitoring tool

An digital health company offering personalized,
cost-effective, and data-driven remote monitoring tools
to our clients.


Using AI To

Chronic Disease Prevention & Management
in a highly personalized and cost
efficient way


Bridging The
Gap Between

You & Your Health Practitioner
in a highly personalized and cost
efficient way


Keep Track Of
Your Health

Through In-Built Algorithms
in a highly personalized and cost
efficient way



We work to improve the lives of individuals with chronic illnesses by connecting them with their caregivers. We provide them with the resources they need to track their health conditions and achieve healthy lives.

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Monitoring Your Health

Health For Mankind is a Bluetooth-enabled app that
offers its users a highly personalized and cost-efficient
option for chronic disease management. You can track
multiple health factors such as glucose, weight
cholesterol, and blood pressure through the in-built
algorithm to achieve improved health outcomes efficiently.

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